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ABA Treatment Center

Compassionate Care For The Entire Family

Northwoods Learning Center provides center-based ABA therapy to children with autism in Michigan and Wisconsin. We specialize in early intervention as research has shown that early treatment is vital to language development and acquisition of skills.  We provide the highest quality therapy in our new clinic in Kingsford, MI.

We know children learn best when they are having fun and that's why our program offers a child-centered, play-based environment where children learn through interactive play and positive reinforcement. At Northwoods Learning Center, we are committed to bringing clinical excellence and compassionate care together to help your child thrive. 


Early Intervention

One-on-one, center-based treatment delivered by a highly trained behavior technician to address skill acquisition and behavioral concerns.


Less intensive services. Focuses on parent and caregiver training.

Don't wait to get the help your child needs.

If you have concerns that your child might be delayed, don't use the "wait and see" approach. 

Delays in testing and services will mean toddlers, two year-olds, and preschoolers miss out on extremely valuable months and years in which they could be getting help.  That help can improve their communication, social skills, cognition, and self-help skills. Waiting 6 months to a year isn’t that much when you’re an adult, but when your child is under 5 early intervention is critical.  You wouldn’t “wait and see” if you had concerns about a medical issue. Your child’s early development is just as important!

Click HERE is for the early signs of Autism.

If your child cannot communicate effectively by pointing, using gestures, and/or saying words, they will find a way to get their point across. Crying and screaming are common tools young kids use.  Aggression is common as well. The longer these problem behaviors work, the more they will continue to occur.  It will also be harder to break those habits.

You cannot turn back the clock. Reach out to your local pediatrician today if you are concerned that your child may have autism.

Decades of research and thousands of studies prove that early and intensive therapy leads to the best outcomes for kids with autism.


Newly Diagnosed?

This parent packet was created to help guide parents of children recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and for parents who have questions concerning their child’s development. The initial diagnosis process can be overwhelming, and this packet is primarily for children between ages birth through seven years.

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